Construction Dozer

With Berco undercarriage parts for medium bulldozer, our company offers a line of components and accessories for construction dozers, which includes resistant, durable and affordable undercarriage solutions aimed at meeting the needs of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and the Aftermarket. Today Berco spare parts for crawler dozers for construction sites include products for 7 to 50 tons track dozers and machines with 140-228.6 mm chain pitch.

Spare parts for medium dozers: features and advantages

With the widest product range, minimum costs per hour, longer durability and best performance in the most challenging applications, our spare parts for construction bulldozers are ready to face customers’ challenges. Berco Medium Range solutions and functions include:

  • Dry, greased, sealed or lubricated and heavy duty chains, available in more than 11,000 configurations for bulldozer tracks.
  • All configurations available with single, double, and triple grousers.
  • Casted, forged or fabricated idler types, available in more than 500 configurations.
  • Single, double or inner flange rollers, available in more than 1,500 configurations.
  • More than 600 configurations of sprockets and segments.
  • Low and high-temperature versions for extreme applications.


Berco undercarriage for CAT D8 application gives you performance and durability. Recommended for all low-to-moderate impact applications, Berco provides the complete machine: track chain, track rollers, carrier rollers, segment group and idlers.
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Medium bulldozer undercarriage components

Undercarriage systems for construction dozers

Dozers for construction sites travel at long distances and high speeds, to a maximum speed of approx. 10-12 km/h. Hence, the UC of these machines requires a larger volume of wearable material and deeper heat treatment. In addition, medium-track dozer undercarriages move for 80-90 % of SMU (Service Meter Unit) hours and require more undercarriage maintenance and service/refurbishment on components. That’s why Berco is committed to delivering a complete service and competitive products.

Track group assembly

Chain Features

  • Stepped bushing available on selected construction dozer.
  • Less friction between components and reduced fuel consumption.

Link Features

  • Taller track link profile for more wear material.
  • Deeper heat treatment case depth.

Shoes Features

  • High grip required to push dirt.
  • Clipped corner and mud hole as options.
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Track rollers and carrier rollers

  • Medium dozer rollers are sealed for life using the most advanced sealing system solutions.
  • Roller shells are differential quenched to provide high wear resistance at the rail diameter and high mechanical strength at the inner diameter to avoid any kind of deformation under load.
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  • Idlers with brackets have an adjustable shimming system to reduce idler-to-frame clearance.
  • Rubber springs are also available for a better vehicle NVH.
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  • Segment design for easier maintenance.
  • No need for track chain removal for replacement.
  • Forged part using Boron steel through hardening to maximize life.
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