Circularity, clean energy and innovative materials, to drive change in the undercarriage components market.

Energy efficiency and green energy utilization

At Berco we are constantly improving our energy efficiency. In the last 5 years we could reduce the energy needed to produce our products by 20%. This is only possible due to the continuous improvement of our processes and invest into new plant equipment. Selectively investing into new furnaces and production lines helps us to save energy in the first place. In 2023 Berco signed a partnership agreement with Edison next who will build a solar park next to the plant in Copparo. With an expected Go-Live in 2024 the park will have a capacity of 7.1 MWp, able to cover roughly 10% of the yearly electricity demand of Berco in Copparo.

Berco Spa and Beltrame

At Berco Spa, our commitment for sustainability makes a significant step forward through the collaboration with our partner AFV Beltrame. AFV Beltrame provides Chalibria Steel – a Co2 neutral steel to Berco for the internal forging operation. That Chalibria steel is a certified carbon neutral steel (Scope 1+2+3) provided by our local partner Beltrame. Using green at Berco marks a fundamental step in reducing our environmental footprint. With our joint commitment to steer the transformation of the undercarriage industry we are shaping a green future.

EAF Steel

Berco Spa is using around 90 % of its steel consumption from recycled EAF (Electric Arc Furnace) steel. What is the reason for this choice? EAF steel emits in the steel production an worldwide average of around 1.2 t Co2. Whereas the production by BOF (Basic Oxygen Furnace) steel emits 2.2 t of Co2 per ton of steel. To reduce the environmental impact of our product we consume whenever possible EAF steel to minimize the environmental impact. Source: (09.01.2023)

Scrap recycling/circular economy

Every year our forging and machining processes generate a big number of steel scrap. What do we do with this scrap? We send it to our local steel mills where it's transformed into new steel. This recycled steel returns to Berco Spa, closing the loop of our production cycle.

KM zero

Berco Spa values local partnerships. Our commitment to reducing environmental impact extends to our supply chain. Around 80% of our suppliers are strategically located in close proximity to our production facilities. This 'Kilometer Zero' approach not only ensures efficient logistics but also minimizes transportation-related emissions.