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Berco suppliers

Discover the documents which must be observed and followed by all Berco suppliers.

Compliance with these documents is mandatory and essential to developing business partnerships aligned with Berco’s code of ethics and the values of transparency, health & safety, sustainability and responsibility of the brand.

Suppliers documentation

Code of Conduct The corporation has collected the indispensable and inalienable aspects that characterize Berco’s ethics and morals inside this document. In particular, the Code focuses on the values of honesty, transparency, equality, confidentiality, diligence and protection of the environment and people. Confidentiality Agreement We take confidentiality in great account as an expression of mutual commitment. This document constitutes a contract by which Berco and the other party involved guarantee that they will not disclose to third parties private and confidential information, in any form. Supplier Quality Manual This Manual defines both initial and continuous requirements concerning the Supplier’s quality processes and performances. It defines the principles governing the relationship between BERCO S.p.A. and its Suppliers with reference to the quality and reliability required from third-party products. Procedures Berco expects its partners to meet specific requirements in the delivery of their services. The following documents describe in detail the procedures and standards of the relationship with suppliers. Operating instructions Berco is committed to providing documents to standardize and operationally describe the supply relationship activities and management. Modules To offer the proper supply relationship and exchange of information, Berco asks its partners to use specific formats and documents as defined by the company.