Other applications

In addition to our products for the construction, mining and utility industries, Berco develops undercarriage spare parts for other application areas, including agriculture, forestry and material transport.
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Apron feeders

The prime choice of apron feeders and conveyor manufacturers.

Apron feeders are used throughout the world to transport all kinds of raw materials in a wide range of fields. They are used to feed a range of crushers with lumps of “run-of-the-mill” material up to two meters in size or as dosing system for downstream drying and/or grinding processes. Depending on the job to be done, Berco provides lubed-for-life chains and rollers for apron feeders ranging from D4* to D11* size, ensuring a high degree of safety and long service life.

Sugarcane harvesters

The highest quality for agricultural machinery.

Agricultural applications are one of the toughest environments for machine operations. Here the undercarriage components are increasingly demanding, as they play a key role in terms of performance, cost and safety. On the one hand, the request is due to the gradual raises in weight and capacity of the machines, as by the evolution in terms of translation speed in function of better straw extraction mechanisms aboard. On the other hand, the demand is linked to innovative techniques such as carousel harvesting, which, besides overloading the rollers laterally and asymmetrically, does not present manoeuvring intervals, drastically reducing the cooling capacity of the rollers. Under all these conditions, Berco rollers, track chains, idlers and other parts have shown to be operationally efficient, guaranteeing safe, durable and flawless performance.

The advantages of Berco undercarriage parts for sugarcane harvester

  • Longer wear life due to a thicker link
  • Extended chain durability from a completely newly designed track link
  • Stronger bushing strap for improved pulling force resistance
  • Reinforced structure for twisting load resistance
  • Increase of working clearance for longer link wear life
  • Stepped bushing: 60 mm diameter