Mini Undercarriage & Utility

Berco develops an innovative, reliable and economical set of mini undercarriage solutions and technologies for 1.5- to 6-ton class machines. This range includes undercarriage components and systems for Compact Track Loaders (CTL), mini excavators, horizontal drilling machines, small dozers and paving machines and road construction machinery.

The advantages of the Berco Utility systems

Berco can supply a complete range of interchangeable components for rubber track belts or traditional steel track chains, guaranteeing the best possible value for the users’ activity, from mini excavators to mini loaders. Superior engineering, innovative technology - e.g. patented monoblock cast iron chains -, comprehensive know-how and state-of-the-art manufacturing ensure the best quality of the products and services offered, which include:
  • Track chains with 90-135 mm pitch
  • Traditional steel chains with welded or bolt-on shoes
  • Interchangeability from steel to rubber and vice versa
  • Clamp-on rubber pads or rubberized shoes available
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A market transformation, a new technology trend, expanding and tailoring vehicle features for end users’ needs: this is Quadtrack.

A big change is in progress: conventional wheeled vehicle as backhoe loader has a twin version with a rubber-tracked undercarriage. CTL and Agricultural tractors are also expanding the market offer into innovative versions adopting a Quadtrack configuration. Berco decided to play an important role as a key partner for the main OEM players and launched a new dedicated production for Quadtrack vehicles, developing rollers for machines running at 15-20 km/h.

Greater resistance

All rollers and idlers for rubber-tracked undercarriages are designed and bench tested during the development phase to fit the mission of this specific application with an extraordinary consistent quality. Featuring extremely high load capacity, the components are sealed for life, adopting Berco consistent quality metal face seals.

Improved performance

The larger footprint of the rubber crawler undercarriage offers unique performance such as better traction and reduced track on ground pressure, compared to standard vehicle configuration.

Compact Track Loader

Berco is a reliable partner of solutions for rubber tracked machines.

The Compact Track Loader market is still in its growing phase and the machine’s versatility makes CTL a very flexible unit for a wide spectrum of applications, which includes construction activity and agricultural applications. After 20 years since the introduction of the CTL market, Berco continues to develop complete undercarriage solutions for this highly demanding dynamic vehicle, designing and bench testing rollers and idlers to provide the maximum quality in every application. In addition, Berco produces undercarriage mono-dual-triple flange idler design in order to satisfy operator comfort and reduce the detracking effect.

Reliably solid

With the patent ownership of the “sliding frame”, a particular system that allows it to locate the first roller close to the idler, Berco products for Compact Track Loader guarantee higher vehicle stability and higher tipping load.

The forged parts using Boron steel grade minimize wear rate and increase product durability.

Smart system

A reliable roller prevents premature wear, high temperatures, noise and vibrations. Berco Smart Bolt allows a live monitoring of the temperature of the roller, whilst a plug&play system makes the installation process simple. Lubricant is also crucial to the correct working state of your CTL: with the replacement of roller bolts and the installation of a small antenna, Berco’s system sends a warning signal whether the rollers are about to fail due to the lack of lubricant.


Mini excavator

From the undercarriage component specialists, a range of products for mini excavators.

The mini excavators are popular for gardening, landscaping, house renovations, and for road reconstruction. Berco is following the evolution of the mini excavator market and consequently developing new undercarriage components for this range of machines. Berco Mini Undercarriage (BMU) products offer a complete range suitable to guarantee more resistance to wear and better performances. All rollers are equipped with Heavy Duty metal face seals thus granting extended durability in any condition.

Flexible configurations

Available in different configurations, Berco rollers fit different types of tracks, such as rubber belt track or steel track chain for more demanding applications. The parts are also offered with an outer flange design, for improved operator comfort and stability.

Robust design

Rollers for mini excavators are made of forged steel with induction-hardened rail and the manufacturing process is fully automated to ensure a consistent quality level.

Mini loader

Superior quality and long service life: Berco mini loader spare parts.

Berco is always looking to market opportunities to confirm his leadership as a producer of innovative undercarriage solutions. This is the case of mini loader undercarriage products, the so-called “Walk Behind” loader where the operator is driving the unit standing behind the vehicle. Usually equipped with engine power between 25-50 HP, these machines have a growing market in North America. That’s why Berco decided to play an important role as a key partner for the main OEM players, with a range of rubber tracks and rollers for mini loaders.

Long-lasting components
All rollers and idlers are designed and bench tested during the development phase to fit the mission of this specific application with an extraordinary consistent quality.

Complete solutions
Mini loaders look like simple machines but in any case, they deserve a sturdy rubber track undercarriage. Berco designed a new product line as rollers, idlers, sprockets and track adjusters.

Track systems

Engineering at your service.

The Berco Complete Track Systems is the ideal choice for all OEMs interested in “turnkey” undercarriage solutions. We supply complete track systems finished and ready for installation directly on machines situated within the manufacturer's assembly lines.

Turnkey solutions

We do not simply assemble generic parts, but offer a vast range of Berco undercarriage products.

When special applications are necessary, our team develops sets of components specifically tailored to our customer’s needs.

Engineering know-how

Our competence and flexibility in engineering and production allows OEMs to develop, design and purchase undercarriage systems for a wide range of applications, including for pavers, rock boring machines, rice and sugarcane combine harvesters, mini-excavators, etc.